Secure Trailer Parking Services

24/7 trailer securityOur Network now provides 24/7 Secure Trailer Parking & Drop Yard Services in over 596 locations throughout all of North America. We reliably provide services to over four hundred and fifty trucking companies, logistic providers, and intermodal logistics carriers through our existing network of Secure facilities.

Our network is growing every month!

We provide storage and parking for semi-tractors, chassis, containers, car-transporters, reefer trailers, moving vans, flatbeds, bottom dumps, tankers, cranes, step-vans and even driver's personal vehicles.

Carriers and Transportation Fleets that contact Terminal Exchange Services will find yard solutions that are flexible, that eliminate costly property investment, minimize operating expenses, and stop the practice of acquiring more fixed resources than they need.

Monitored SurveillanceBy outsourcing to TXS, our clients receive increased yard services such as "on-site" security at a fraction of the original costs. They find that smaller fleets can be pre-positioned at more locations, servicing more lanes and thereby increasing market share.

More Locations - Flexible, Scalable Costs

By having access to multiple facilities with flexible/scalable costs, our clients discover that TXS can provide all of the products and services most trucking companies require, but at only a fraction of the cost of maintaining their own costly (fixed cost) locations.

scalable logisticsTXS can grow with our carriers as they grow, and can also help them reduce their footprint in any given territory, because we can make their logistics requirements scalable! It is our mission to work as an extension of our clients' operational staffs, and to work with their drivers on site with a friendly, supportive attitude.

All of our locations are within a 5 to 15 mile radius of 90 percent of the local Distribution Centers, Transportation Hubs and Corridors in that area. All of our Full Service Operations are committed to providing the services listed below.

Full Service Operations:

  • Annual, month-to-month rates available
  • 24/7 on-site, staffed security with 24/7 access
  • 24/7 Log-in, Log-out, Gate Record manifests
  • Recorded HD digital video surveillance
  • Outdoor security lighting
  • 24/7 hostler assisted staging
  • Inventory control via daily fax, email or website to dispatch
  • Dispatch controlled release protocols by email or fax for loaded trailers
  • Secure document handling
  • Assigned dedicated parking with No stacking delays
  • Ability to exceed reserved spaces with daily rate
  • No overflow refusals
  • Secure temporary over-flow parking for local terminals high value cargo
  • Trailer repair, tire service, trailer maintenance on site or on call
  • Reefer fuel and temperature monitoring daily or as per request
  • Coming Soon: Electric Guard Dog Perimeter Security System
  • Coming soon: APU A/C plug-ins
  • No public access allowed

TXS also provides long-term storage solutions for large fleets of equipment with perimeter security, video surveillance and motion detector monitored sites 24/7.


Are you a major Transportation Company or major Trucking Company?

TXS Accounting SolutionsDo you grapple with accounting the whereabouts of thousands, if not, tens of thousands of pieces of equipment every single day?

Does your accounting department struggle with paying hundreds, if not thousands, of different invoices to various parking and terminal storage vendors every single month?

What does this constant accounting administration really cost your organization in manpower hours and inventory diligence?

Single Vendor Accounting Solution

Single Vendor AccountingWhat if you could have a single accounting and billed invoice from a single vendor capable of securing and tracking your entire fleet?

TXS can provide this single vendor accounting solution. We have over 596 facilities across North America covering every major market.

We look forward to providing the Parking and Drop Storage Logistics for your entire fleet, so that your accounting department can enjoy:

  • Uniformity of Billing.
  • Pricing power that comes only from scale.
  • Massive logistical cost reductions resulting from the utilization of the entire fleet size to negotiate your parking costs on a National level.
  • A logistical partner in tracking your secure fleet parking costs on a daily to monthly basis!
  • A logistical partner willing to incur the costs of sourcing and building out your secure terminal needs, as you may require them, and as your fleet expands territory and grows.

Call TXSIf you don’t find the Location you need, CALL US.

We are experts at finding new locations for our transportation clients. This service is free of charge.

At TXS, our philosophy remains that whatever parking we may find for you, will ultimately become parking needed by our other clients!

So please call and ask for assistance at anytime. 24/7... As everyone in the industry already is aware, we always answer the phone!

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Call us, anytime 24/7. We always answer our phone!

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